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The BlackBox BBR1U Recorder

From JoeCo

The BLACKBOX Recorder BBR1U (unbalanced analogue I/O)

JoeCo BlackBox Recorders

The BBR1U multi-track recorder brings the high quality recordings and failsafe dependability for which the BLACKBOX Recorder is known to more traditional analogue set-ups.

The BBR1U is designed to plug across the insert points of a standard analogue console via three 25-way female D-type connectors on the rear of the unit. Three 1/4-inch TRS terminated multicore looms can be supplied (please specify with order) for connecting the BLACKBOX Recorder to the console (via TASCAM analogue format). Inside the BBR1U multi-track recorder, relays route the audio signal from input to output in all modes except during playback. This provides an additional level of safety so that in the event of a power failure on the BBR, the audio through the PA will not be affected in live scenarios.

In this model, eight insert returns are also brought out to TRS jacks on the rear of the unit, allowing additional outboard equipment to be plugged into insert points as required.

All BLACKBOX Recorders are designed and built to exacting standards with rugged construction and a suite of unique multi-track audio capture features. The choice of professional users, the BBR1U multi-track recorder is the solution the professional audio industry chooses and trusts. For more information, see below to download the BLACKBOX Recorder brochure, for full information on the entire BLACKBOX range.

BBR1U Specifications


Unbalanced i/o via 3 x 25way D-sub connectors (3 x ¼” TRS multicore looms supplied – TASCAM analogue format). Designed to plug across the insert points on a standard analogue console

JoeCo Blackbox Recorder - BBR1U - Rear Panel

Loop through outputs available on ch 17-24 on ¼” TRS jack sockets for connection to outboard equipment

BBR1U Brochure

Click here to download the BLACKBOX RECORDER brochure, (BBR1U, BBR1B, BBR1A, BBR1D versions) – PDF File 442KB

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