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House of Worship Solutions

From JoeCo

Multi-track Recording and Playback for your House of Worship

When it comes to professional audio in your House of Worship, you deserve the best sound quality and the most reliable multi-track recording equipment available. But you also need a system that’s easy to operate, freeing your worship audio volunteers to focus on the service. Let JoeCo multichannel recorders and playback solutions give you peace of mind with best in class audio quality, one-touch operation and absolute reliability. From 64 channel Dante multi-track recording to 24 channel recording and playback , the JoeCo BLACKBOX and BLUEBOX ranges will lift your church services to new heights.

Solutions Examples

Here are some examples of what our systems can be used for in your House of Worship

Recording your service

Backing Track Playback for your Choir

Virtual sound check for your Choir

Some of our Clients

Case Studies

Zoned Playback in BAPS Swaminarayan Temple

BAPS Swaminarayan Temple relies upon JoeCo BLACKBOX BBP1B systems for the playback of multi-channel content synchronised to external lighting and video playback systems. Using an LTC feed to the BBP1B, songs on the BLACKBOX player are triggered at different times depending on the time code stamp of the file. All of the channel outputs on the BBP1B are then sent to different zones in the Temple, resulting in an amazing audiovisual experience for visitors.

Multi-track Recording and Playback for Churches

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