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BLACKBOX recorders

Trusted multi-track recording from touring sound to the studio

The BLACKBOX Recorder was the first professional multi-track recorder designed solve the inherent problems of working with computer-based systems in a live environment, and it remains the most trusted. Relied upon by engineers on tour, in mission-critical broadcasting set-ups and installations all over the world, the BLACKBOX Multi-Track Recorder is the first and last word in reliable multi-tracking audio recording. Click below to find out more.

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BLACKBOX Multi-Track Recorders are available in a variety of formats, both analogue and digital, to meet your requirements. They are supremely simple to use – simply connect the input and output, add power and a USB drive, then hit RECORD. Designed to meet mission-critical standards of professional use, they include fail-safe systems such as JoeCo’s “Safe ‘n’ Sound” recovery ­– your audio files will be recovered even after a sudden accidental loss of power.

The original BBR1 BLACKBOX Recorder can record or replay up to 24 channels of 24bit/96kHz audio in Broadcast WAV (BWAV) format. Meanwhile, the BBR64-MADI and BBR64-DANTE versions of the recorder can record or replay up to 64 channels at standard sample rates*, all in a compact 1U box.

All BLACKBOX Multi-Track Recorders support the replay of polyphonic wav files, from multiple stereo files up to 24- or even 64-channel PolyWAV files. Mono, stereo and multichannel files can even be used together in the same song, massively enhancing the system’s flexibility.

Audio is recorded as industry-standard mono broadcast WAV files to an external USB2 drive, thereby ensuring that all data is easy to remove, carry away and use. Recorded files can be instantly imported into any Mac- or PC-based Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). The implementation of JoeCo’s iXML plug-in (see Software Options) additionally enables PolyWAV files to be recorded.

For operation, core functions are all accessible via the sleek and intuitive front panel, with a menu-driven user interface, touch sensitive transport controls, a data wheel and function buttons. A full colour LCD displays all required information. Remote control is possible via the JoeCoRemote app for iPad.

Other timesaving and professional features include virtual soundcheck; disk drive formatting; the ability to create a headphone monitor mix with level and pan on every track; a keyboard interface, optional footswitch operation, a Name Manager for creating templates and modifying track or song names, plus a variety of shortcuts for speedily navigating menu options and transport controls. The recorder also offers a range of enhancements for film, TV and broadcast applications including support for 23.98fps time code, 9-pin support for edit controllers, and iXML support.

* Higher sample rate recording is accommodated at a reduced track count


JoeCo BlackBox Recorders
JoeCo Blackbox Recorder - BBR1B - Rear Panel

THE BLACKBOX BBR1B (balanced analogue I/O) Multi-Track Recorder

BBR1B – The 24 channel BBR1B Multi-Track Recorder with balanced I/O enables high quality, reliable audio capture via a mixing console with balanced insert points or direct outputs. Connections are 6 x 25way D-sub connectors (lower row – inputs; upper row – outputs).

JoeCo BlackBox Recorders
JoeCo Blackbox Recorder - BBR1A - Rear Panel

THE BLACKBOX BBR1A (Lightpipe digital I/O)

BBR1A– The 24 channel BBR1A with Adat Lightpipe digital I/O enables high quality, reliable audio capture via a digital mixing console supporting Lightpipe (TOSlink) inputs and outputs. This BLACKBOX Multi-Track Recorder can also interface directly with any Lightpipe-equipped A-D converter.

JoeCo BlackBox Recorders
JoeCo Blackbox Recorder - BBR1D - Rear Panel


BBR1D– The 24 channel BLACKBOX BBR1D enables high quality, dependable multi-track audio recording via AES/EBU I/O, direct from a digital mixing console, without the requirement of any additional A-D conversion.

JoeCo BlackBox Recorders
JoeCo Blackbox Recorder - BBR1U - Rear Panel

THE BLACKBOX BBR1U (unbalanced analogue I/O)

BBR1U – The 24 channel BLACKBOX BBR1U Multi-Track Recorder is designed for use with a standard analogue mixing console, ensuring that even if your set-up is simple, your multi-track recordings can still be of the highest possible quality.

JoeCo Blackbox Recorder - BBR1MADI - Rear Panel - HR


BBR64MADI – Another ground-breaking innovation from JoeCo, the BBR64-MADI Multi-Track Recorder allows you to record and replay up to 64 channels of MADI data in a unit that still occupies just one unit of rack space.

JoeCo blackbox dante recorder
JoeCo Blackbox Recorder - BBR1DANTE - Rear Panel - HR


BBR64DANTE – The BLACKBOX BBR64-DANTE brings the award-winning reliability of the BLACKBOX Multi-Track Recorder to the tremendous number of Dante networks in use worldwide, with up to 64 channels of high quality audio capture.

JoeCo blackbox bbr1mp recorder bundle


BBR1MP – Based on the award-winning BLACKBOX Recorder technology, the new BlackBox BBR1MP Multi-Track Recorder is a stand-alone, live, multi-channel audio acquisition solution primarily designed with the broadcast engineer and location sound recordist in mind.

Software Options

iXML Option:

iXML support is now available for the BLACKBOX RECORDER. iXML is an open standard developed to simplify the transfer of recorded digital audio files through the post production process. Invaluable to both sound recordists and post production personnel in the film and broadcast industry, it allows for the inclusion of location sound metadata in Broadcast WAV audio files, ensuring that important information which would have traditionally been noted on the tape box does not get separated from the audio it pertains to. This includes data like Scene, Take and Notes information, which can be logged during location sound recording in the film and TV industry and subsequently utilised by post production editors.

When enabled for iXML, the BLACKBOX RECORDER allows the user to enter and edit typical iXML data fields, which are accessed via the main menu. A standard QWERTY keyboard can be connected to the recorder for rapid data entry, with most frequently used items accessible via a series of keyboard shortcuts. The iXML menu consists of three screens that enable the user to include a range of location sound metadata in Broadcast WAV files, from project names through to scene, take and notes information. The data is then embedded into the BWAV file at the end of the recording to be recalled later in the production chain.

The iXML implementation also enables the BLACKBOX RECORDER to remember different headphone monitor mixes that have been set up during the recording process. This data is stored as part of the iXML chunk in the Default Mix section, allowing the user to quickly refer to an earlier recording, for example a previous scene that may have had different monitoring requirements. It is also possible to adjust the monitor mix via standard MIDI controllers. A further benefit of the iXML implementation is the ability for the recorder to capture PolyWAV files (in addition to standard mono BWAVs). This feature enables TV and film location recordists to better serve the needs of post production facilities, or systems where audio material is ingested in single large files.

How to buy
Licences for iXML are available directly from JoeCo or via your local reseller or distributor. Please email JoeCo Sales for information on purchasing an upgrade licence.


This software upgrade gives your BLACKBOX RECORDER alternative functionality as a dedicated multi-channel playback device that has been specifically designed to replay backing tracks or multiple surround stems for live shows. Able to replay 24 channels of high quality audio at up to 24Bit/96kHz, it can be triggered using time code, a footswitch or QWERTY keyboard, or controlled via MIDI commands, giving the live engineer, installation sound designer, musical director or artist full control of the show at all times.

More information about the BLACKBOX PLAYER.

How to buy
BlackBox Player Licences are available directly from JoeCo or via your local reseller or distributor. Please email JoeCo Sales for information on purchasing an upgrade licence.

General Specifications

General Specifications

Sample Rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
Bit depths: 16bit; 24bit
Disk interface: USB2
Format: FAT32
File type: Broadcast WAV (BWAV)
Media: USB2 hard disk (7200rpm recommended), USB2 flash drive – 200x minimum (except for MADI and DANTE systems which have more demanding data rates), SHDC (Class 10 with suitable adapter except MADI and DANTE)
Monitoring: 1 x 1/4” TRS jack socket, headphone mix/solo
Physical: 19” rack mounted 1U
Dimensions: (425mm x 150mm x 44mm)
Weight: < 2.4kg

Control and Synchronisation

MIDI: 1 x 5-pin DIN (open loop) – MIDI time code (MTC) and MIDI machine control (MMC) protocol
LTC: 1 x 1/4” TRS jack socket:
Frame rates supported: 30fps, 29.97drop fps, 29.97non-drop fps, 25fps, 24fps, 23.98fps
Machine control: 1 x 9-pin D, SONY PII protocol
Audio clock synchronisation: 2 x RCA sockets AES3 / SPDIF Format, also used for communications to slave units
Footswitch: momentary switch on ring of LTC TRS socket
Keyboard: 1 x mini DIN PS2 connector, Standard 102 key
Power: 9v – 16V dc (< 25W). 2.1mm dc inlet. PSU supplied

Analogue Inputs:

Levels: -10dBu / +4dBu switchable
Max input level: +22dBu = 0dBFS
A-D conversion: 24bit, 96kHz
106dB S/N, 96dB THD+N (typical A-weighted)

Analogue Outputs:

Levels: -10dBu / +4dBu switchable
Max output level: +22dBu = 0dBFS
D-A conversion: 24bit, 96kHz
106dB S/N, 94dB THD+N (typical A-weighted)

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