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Studio Solutions

From JoeCo

Audio Interface Recorders For Your Studio

From recording rooms to post-production facilities, software has become the backbone of the modern studio, but for all the benefits of using a DAW, the loss of all your work is no more than a crash away. To protect their source recordings and ensure no work is ever lost, professional recording engineers choose JoeCo BLUEBOX audio interface recorders  – recently awarded five stars in all categories by Gearslutz . Delivering 24 channels of pristine 24bit/96kHz audio in Broadcast WAV format, BLUEBOX gives you up to 24 custom JoeCo preamps plus a unique back up facility that runs in the background, capturing your source recordings on an external drive via USB 2.0/3.0. With BLUEBOX, even if the power fails, your source recordings are safe.

Recording Musicians with Pristine Audio Quality

Here are some examples of what our systems can be used for in your studio

Audio Production

As an Interface to your Workstation for Recording Musicians 

Recording Live Albums for Bands

Recording Rehearsals

High Quality Monitoring

bluebox workstation interface recorder

Why Get a JoeCo Audio Interface?


  • 24 bit 96k Recording
  • Low Latency
  • Can be used With Windows and Mac
  • Staggering Conversion
  • Crystal Clear Preamps
  • Professional Headphone Monitoring
  • Huge Internal Mixing Capabilities
  • Rugged Construction

What Does it Sound Like?

Bass Guitar                                                                                      [player id=13257]

Electric Guitar                                                                                  [player id=13261]

Hand Drum                                                                                      [player id=13262]

Tremolo Guitar                                                                                [player id=13263]

Sounds recorded by Arthur Stone in Gearslutz Review

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Discover BLUEBOX audio interface recorders

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