Five glittering golden stars adorn the latest product review of JoeCo’s BLUEBOX BBWR24MP from, the number one website for pro audio. Product reviewer Arthur Stone put BLUEBOX thoroughly to the test, exploring every traditional recording situation he could think of, and stopping just shy of seeing if he could hit record mid-skydive.

The team had access to a BLUEBOX BBWR24MP unit for three months and paid meticulous attention to detail. Working in both ‘live’ and ‘workstation’ mode Arthur was able to examine all of BLUEBOX’s core functions. Including testing it as a multi-track field recorder and top of the range audio interface for your DAW. JoeCo is confident that he tried [his] hardest to find a reason not to award maximum points: but the sound quality, features, ease-of-use, and bang-for-buck are 5 star.” Click here to read the full review.