Francis Duggan and Joe Bull in the March 2017 issue of Pro Sound News Europe

The March 2017 issue of leading audio industry magazine Pro Sound News Europe is out now, and if you turn to pages 24 and 25 then you may find a pair of familiar faces smiling back at you. Both Joe Bull and Francis Duggan appear in the issue as part of a two page feature on JoeCo.

The magazine’s Editor, David Robinson, recently visited JoeCo in our Cambridgeshire headquarters to find out more about BLUEBOX Workstation Interface Recorders, multi-track recording, and JoeCo’s many plans for the future. Interviewing both Francis and Joe, he also received an insight into why relying on a laptop for your multi-channel recording set-up might be best avoided. To read the interview either visit the online of Pro Sound News Europe (, or you can simply read the article here.