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Installation Playback Solutions

From JoeCo

Multi-track Playback for Installations

Designed to provide absolute reliability with set it and forget it operation, JoeCo multi-channel  players are trusted in hotels, theme parks and other mission critical, installed AV environments all over the world. With a host of connectivity options and a well-earned reputation for never failing, JoeCo BLACKBOX Players are the last word in dependable high quality audio. Find out more about our 64 channel Dante and MADI BLACKBOX Players and our balanced 24 channel multi-track players.

Solution Examples

Here are some examples of what our systems can be used for in Installation

Zoned Multi-Channel Playback

Multi-Channel Playback Synchronised to Video

Fully Automated Playback

Some of our Clients

News & case studies

 JoeCo at Disney World

The most famous theme park destination on the planet, Disney World relies upon JoeCo BLACKBOX BBP1B Players for its zoned audio playback. As visitors to the iconic park tour its attractions, the ambient tracks and music that they hear are played back by the park’s fleet of BBP1B Players – the ideal product for such an application. This is achieved by placing 24 separate mono files or 12 stereo files onto an external USB drive for use with a BLACKBOX BBP1B Player, then feeding each different channel output from the BBP1B to different areas of the theme park as required. The BBP1B is fully automated, meaning that as soon as the system receives power at the start of the day, it will immediately begin playback without the need for user intervention. Individual output levels can also be controlled from the system, eliminating the need for speaker volume adjustments within the zoned areas.

JoeCo and the Christmas Lights in Melbourne

JoeCo BLACKBOX BBP1B Players brought Christmas spirit to Melbourne as part of a huge, seasonal celebration. As part of an impressive audio-visual installation, BLACKBOX BBP1B Players were synchronised with video and lighting during playback. All JoeCo players can use LTC to synchronise with video and lighting equipment during playback while LTC can also be used to start different songs depending on the time of day. For the Melbourne Christmas celebrations, the same LTC source was used to feed the lighting rig, the video playback machine, and the BBP1B. Three different songs were played back on the BBP1B during the day. When the timecode reached a pre-set time (in this case, 10.00.00, 12.00.00 or 17.00.00), the appropriate track was automatically triggered on the BBP1B, with an accompanying change to the video being played back and the light show. Renowned for their reliability, the BBP1B Players ensured that Christmas in Melbourne was a festive gift for the city.

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Multi-track playback you can trust

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