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Live Sound Solutions

From JoeCo

Multi-track Playback for Live Sound

Built to withstand the rigours of life on the road, JoeCo’s award winning BLACKBOX players are the trusted choice of audio professionals working in live sound and touring environments.  With tours relying on JoeCo’s rock solid multichannel playback the JoeCo BLACKBOX has become an industry standard.  You can also learn about our renowned BLACKBOX Player multichannel audio playback systems here.

Solution Examples

Here are some examples of what our systems can be used for in Live Sound

Providing Backing Tracks for bands

Complete built in redundancy for playback

Some of our Clients

Case studies

Touring With Aluna George

When producing their music, many artists now combine more traditional instruments such as guitars, drums and bass with synthesisers and ambient backing. But while that’s simple to produce in the studio, on stage it can more of a challenge. That’s when JoeCo BLACKBOX Players can help.

Among the artists to have conquered this particular challenge on tour is Aluna George, thanks to a pair of JoeCo BLACKBOX BBP1B Players. Recently, drummer James Trood visited JoeCo to explain how the BLACKBOX Players have become critical to the Aluna George live show, producing 20 channels of ambient backing tracks. The audio is played back through the mixing console and over the PA, while each member of the band uses a wireless in-ear monitoring system. The BBP1Bs are triggered by James, who uses a footswitch plugged directly into the JoeCo footswitch splitter, enabling both BBP1Bs to start simultaneously. You can also trigger two BLACKBOX Players simultaneously over MIDI or by using a JoeCo Multiremote, with an iPad and the JoeCo iPad app.

Each JoeCo BLACKBOX BBP1B Player offers 24 channels of ultra-reliable playback. However, Aluna George use two BBP1Bs for redundancy. A unique feature of the BBP1B is its built in failover capabilities, ensuring that in the extremely unlikely event that one system fails, its partner will immediately take over. Both USB drives across the two machines have exactly the same audio on them so the switch over is truly seamless.

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